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Graduation FAQ

Requirements and Application

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When can I apply to graduate?

Apply on the first day of class in your final long semester, or first day of class in the summer one session for August graduation. The deadline for graduation extends beyond this timeframe; however, waiting until the deadline will not allow a student to add an additional course, if necessary.

When is the deadline to apply to graduate?

The deadline to apply for graduation is published in the academic calendar located at on the registrar's website.

How do I apply to graduate?

The application for graduation can be accessed through the Texas State Self-Service menu (SSB):  Log in with your NetID and password and select the Student tab, select Student Records, and select Apply to Graduation.

How can I check the status of my graduation application?

We will correspond with you via your Texas State email address regarding your application and graduation.  You will be contacted immediately if there are any concerns.  Confirmations and further instructions are sent in the week following the graduation application deadline.

How many hours are required to graduate?

To be eligible to graduate with a BBA, a minimum of 120 hours are required for catalog years 2008 and higher.  All specific course requirements must be filled. 

Certain residency (courses that must be taken at Texas State) requirements apply to these hours. To qualify for graduation with a bachelor’s degree, a student must have been in residence at Texas State for at least two long (fall or spring) semesters or 30 weeks in summer terms. A student must also complete, through Texas State coursework, at least 25% of the minimum number of semester hours required for the degree; within this requirement, at least 24 semester hours must be advanced and at least six hours of the advanced work must be completed in the major at Texas State. Additionally, at least 24 semester hours of the last 30 hours completed that are required for the degree must be taken at Texas State. Correspondence, extension, and off-campus coursework completed through Texas State may be applied toward residency requirements. Credit-by-examination may not be applied toward residency. In addition, business majors must complete 50% of their business courses in residence at Texas State.

What is the minimum GPA required to graduate?

Students must have a Texas State GPA of 2.0 or higher and also a minimum GPA of 2.25 for all business courses (Business GPA).  See graduation requirements for more information. 

How can I graduate with honors?

To graduate with honors, you must have completed 54 hours at Texas State. Students earning a Texas State GPA of 3.40 - 3.59 will graduate cum laude; 3.6 - 3.79 will graduate magna cum laude; 3.8 - 4.0 will graduate summa cum laude. If you are earning a second degree, you are only eligible for honors if you complete 54 or more hours at Texas State in pursuit of the second degree.

May I take classes elsewhere during the semester I plan to graduate?

Yes, but to ensure you meet all residency requirements you must have permission from your academic advisor in order to take courses elsewhere.

May I take correspondence courses in the semester I plan to graduate?

Yes, but Texas State Correspondence requires at least 45 days to complete a course and some may take longer. It is strongly recommended that correspondence courses be started before the last semester.

When should I meet with an academic advisor about graduation?

Please meet with an academic advisor the semester before graduating to ensure the accuracy of your course load for your last semester.

Can I graduate if I'm not currently enrolled?

Yes, if you have been enrolled within the past semester, you can still apply online through the Texas State Self-Service menu (SSB). Log in with your NetID and password and select the Student tab, select Student Records, and select Apply to Graduate.  If your NetID is not activated, you will need to contact ITAC at 512.245.4822 to reactiate your NetID so you can apply for graduation.  If you are unable to access the online application, please call the Advising Center at (512) 245-1993.

Graduation Ceremony (Commencement)

Where can I purchase my cap, gown and announcements?

Caps, gowns, and invitations are available in the Texas State Bookstore. They can also be ordered online through the Bookstore's website at

When do I get my diploma?

Diplomas for all graduating students will be mailed the first week after posting of degree to transcripts. They will be mailed to the student's permanent address on file or the mailing address specified during the graduation application process. If this address needs to be changed, please submit the address change via email to no later than degree posting date. Please check the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Do my guests need tickets to attend commencement?

Tickets are not required for commencement, so guest seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Seating is limited, therefore it is recommended that guests arrive early.

Out of consideration for others, please reserve only one seat per person already present. Representatives from the UPD will be on hand to enforce this seating policy.

Please refer to the map of Strahan Coliseum for a general idea of the candidate seating location of a particular academic college during each ceremony. Texas State University reserves the right to alter the candidate seating arrangement as needed prior to the start of the ceremony.

For more frequently asked questions and information about the commencement ceremony see the FAQ on the commencement website.