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Tuition Rebate

Please note: this information applies to students who are pursuing a degree program in the McCoy College of Business Administration. 

Under Texas Law, Senate Bill 1907, qualified students can receive up to a $1000 tuition rebate upon graduation from Texas State University. Click here to review the qualifications. If you have questions about qualifications or procedures, please meet with your academic advisor. 

PROCEDURES: Download and print a copy of the REBATE APPLICATION  FORM and then submit completed forms to the McCoy College of Business Advising Center in 115 McCoy Hall.

DEADLINE: Rebate forms must be turned in no sooner than the first day of the semester in which you graduate and no later than 60 days after graduation. You will receive an email confirmation in the days following the receipt of your rebate form.

Tuition Rebate applications are processed for academic eligibility after degrees are posted. The academically eligible applications are then forwarded to Student Business Services for verification of additional requirements and calculation of the rebate. If you are eligible for the Tuition Rebate, you will receive a check from Student Business Services; if you are not eligible for the refund, you will be notified by the advising center. This process can take two to six months following graduation