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Academic Notice

Students whose Texas State GPA drops to between a 2.0 and 2.25 are placed on academic notice by McCoy College.

Academic notice serves as a warning that a student's Texas State GPA is borderline for academic probation.  It is an invitation to seek assistance in developing strategies to meet academic goals. 

Students who are placed on college academic notice are contacted via email by the academic advising center.  Students on academic notice are encouraged to:

  • Speak with an academic advisor about strategies for improving academic performance
  • Determine a target GPA and work to achieve it
  • Know the policy on academic probation and restricted status
  • Check Texas State email account regularly for announcements
  • Check semester and Texas State GPA regularly using CatsWeb
  • Utilize academic support and tutoring services such as the Student Learning Assistance Center, Writing Center, and Student Support Services.