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Course Registration, Drops & Withdraws


Registration Access Periods

Registration dates are posted on the academic calendar.  Students must also check their specific assigned access period. 
New students register for classes for the first time during New Student Orientation


Student Specific Access Periods and Holds

Students can check for holds and their assigned access period through the 'check registration eligibility' function on the CatsWeb - Student Services Menu.   


Course Prerequisites

Students must meet the prerequisite for each course that they enroll in. Check the Undergraduate Catalog and CatsWeb to see that you meet all prerequisites. You can be dropped from a course if you do not meet the prerequisites by the first day of class. Not meeting prerequisites also jeopardizes your grade in a course as the professor assumes that all students in the course have mastered the material taught in the prerequisite courses.  If you are trying to register for a course that you feel you have the prerequisite for, then contact the advising center. 


Registration Resources

Students can find the following resources on the Office of the University Registrar's website under the registration tab:


Drop a Class

Drop: removing one or more classes from your schedule, while remaining enrolled in at least one course. If you would like to DROP ALL CLASSES, please see withdrawing from class.

  • To Drop a class, log on to Registration/Schedule Changes from Self-Service Banner.
  • Academic Calendar - check the final Drop deadline listed on the calendar.
  • Drop refund deadline information can be found on Cashier's Withdrawal/Drop Refund web page or contact the Texas State Cashier's Office at (512) 245-2544.


Withdraw From Classes

Withdraw: removing all classes from your schedule (going to zero hours). 
You cannot withdraw from all classes using CatsWeb.  Please see the Office of University Registrar's website for procedures, deadlines, and forms