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Admission FAQ

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When and where do I apply to be admitted to the McCoy College?

Please visit the 'Application and Admission Requirements' under the Prospective Students tab for information.

If I am a high school senior OR college student who is thinking about applying to Texas State and I want to major in business, do I have to fill out the Apply Texas application and the McCoy College Application for Admission?

No, it is only necessary to fill out the Apply Texas application and list your first choice major as a business major if you will be a first-time student at Texas State.  The Apply Texas application serves as both the application to Texas State and McCoy College when a business major is listed.  The McCoy College Application for Admission, available online at, is only for students currently attending Texas State that either did not meet initial admission requirements or are wanting to change their major to business.

If I have 30 or more hours completed, do MATH 1329, ENG 1310, & ENG 1320 have to be completed before I can be considered for admission to McCoy College?

Yes, see below for more details.

  • Students with 30 or more hours who have NOT completed MATH 1329, ENG 1310, and ENG 1320 are not eligible to be considered for admission. A calculus level math that is equivalent to MATH 2471 may also be used in place of MATH 1329. All courses must be completed and posted to the transcript at the time of application. Additionally, a student may not be in-progress in a repeat of a previously completed course required for admission. 
  • For students with 30 or more hours who intend on transferring to Texas State and fill out the Apply Texas application: if the required courses are not completed students will NOT be considered for McCoy College Admission and instead will be considered for admission as exploratory professional. Students who do not meet admission requirements for McCoy College are often admitted as undecided professional which indicates they are seeking McCoy College admission. These students are eligible to take courses in the general education core curriculum, lower-level business core, and business administration minor until they are admitted to the College. They should determine what requirements they do not meet and work to complete those during their first semester at Texas State if they wish to pursue a business major. 

If I have already completed a calculus course, do I need to take MATH 1329?

No, a calculus course can be substituted for MATH 1329. The course must be an equivalent to MATH 2471.  If the course is listed on the equivalency guides as an ELNA or ELADV rather than 2471, the course must be evaluated by the math department to determine if it will substitute for the MATH 1329 requirement. The student must provide proof of the evaluation with the application or prior to submitting the application.

If I am a former Texas State student, how do I apply for admission to the McCoy College and Texas State?

If you have already completed a bachelor's degree then see the procedures for students seeking a Second Bachelor's Degree

If you have not completed your first bachelor's degree then follow the procedures for Readmit Students provided by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

What is the competitive review process?

The McCoy College of Business Administration is a capped enrollment program at Texas State.  The competitive review is to consider students for admission to McCoy College who do not meet the automatic requirements. The number of students admitted who do not meet automatic admission criteria is determined by how close the college is to meeting its enrollment cap. 

  • For high school seniors and students with fewer than 30 hours completed the review is based on the high school academic record and ACT and/or SAT composite scores (not including writing).
  • For students with more than 30 hours completed the review is based on overall GPA and grades earned in ENG 1310, ENG 1320, and MATH 1329. 

What courses may I take prior to applying/being admitted to McCoy College?

Students seeking McCoy College admission should make ENG 1310, ENG 1320, and MATH 1329 priorities since they are required to be eligible for admission. Students may also complete the general education core curriculum and unrestricted lower-division and upper-division business core courses that may apply towards their degree program if admitted*. By sticking with courses that are part of the business core and general education core, a student who is denied admission can easily apply these courses towards an alternative degree program that allows a business administration minor. 

*The "Changing to a Business Major" brochure provides more information and a list of these courses. University College advisors are available to assist students with selecting courses prior to admission.

What is a priority date?

The priority dates are recommended dates by which applications should be submitted and are not deadlines.  Students may still submit applications after the priority dates but University deadlines apply to those not yet admitted to McCoy College.  

Applying by the priority dates eases the transition process and allows for a more timely decision. Since McCoy College is a limited enrollment program, applications received after the priority date will be considered for admission on a space-available basis.

What can I do to be considered for McCoy College admission if I listed a first choice major other than business on my Apply Texas application?

  • If you are already attending classes at Texas State then you must follow the current student process for admission. 
  • If you are not yet attending classes at Texas State and have not completed New Student Orientation then contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to request an update to your application.

When will I be notified of my admission decision?

Applications are reviewed chronologically according to the date they were completed. For students currently enrolled at Texas State decisions are typically made within 10 business days. For students applying for both Texas State and McCoy College admission, the time frame ranges from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the volume of applications at a given time.

What if I am denied admission to McCoy College based on the competitive review?

  • If you have no college level credit hours or under 30 hours, since your admission decision was based on your high school record you may re-apply after completing 30 hours that must include ENG 1310, ENG 1320, and MATH 1329. Your overall GPA needs to be as high as possible since admission will be based on college coursework once you complete 30 hours.
  • If you are a sophomore or higher, then prior to the admission decision you should have been working on courses from the general education core curriculum and unrestricted lower-division and upper-division business core courses. Many courses in the general education core may be applied towards an alternative degree program/major and many courses in the business core may be applied towards a business minor.  Current Texas State students that wish to continue pursuing McCoy College admission should meet with an advisor at the University College to determine the best strategy for raising their GPA. 

Where should I go for advising if I am a current Texas State student seeking admission?

Current Texas State students interested in becoming a business major may meet with an advisor from the University College Advising Center.  The advisors assist students with identifying strategies for success and course selection from the core curriculum and unrestricted lower-division and upper-division business core.

What if I want to minor in business administration?

Students wishing to declare a business administration minor must meet with the academic advisor for their major.  The major academic advisor provides advising for business administration minor courses.  McCoy College admission is not required to declare a business administration minor. A list of Texas State academic advising centers is available here.

Business administration minor requirements are available here.

May I complete my degree online?

No, McCoy College does not offer any online degree programs.  A few online courses are offered in the general education core curriculum and through correspondence study.  At this time, Business Law is the only McCoy College course offered through correspondence.

The BBA with a major in management program is also offered at the Round Rock Higher Education Center. Courses at this center are designed for students working full-time, and take place in the evenings.