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Business Communication: Do you need MGT 3353 or 3453?

September 18, 2015

All business students under the 2014 catalog and subsequent catalogs are required to complete MGT 3453 for their Business Communication requirement.

Students completing degree requirements under the fall 2013 and previous catalogs will need to complete MGT 3353. 

Make sure to review your degree audit to ensure you understand which course you are required to complete. Here are the instructions for accessing your Degree Audit:

  1.       Go to the Texas State home page (
  2.       Click on “CatsWeb”
  3.       Click on “Students”
  4.       Log in by clicking “Texas State Self-Service”
  5.       Click “Student”
  6.       Click “Degree Audit”

Please understand it is your responsibility to know which course is required for your degree and if you register for the wrong course how it will affect your graduation date. The advising center cannot guarantee a seat in the correct business communication course if you register for the wrong course.

Please note you may have been advised previously that you would need to submit an online request form to be able to register for MGT 3353 or MGT 3453. This online permission form is no longer required.

If you have any questions about which course to take MGT 3353 vs. MGT 3453, I encourage you to contact the McCoy College Advising Center at 512.245.1993 or stop by McCoy Hall, room 115 to speak with the advisor on-call.

Prerequisite Change for Upper-Level Accounting Courses

March 31, 2014

Beginning Fall 2014, the Accounting Department will require a "B" or better in ACC 3313 in order to meet the prerequisites for ACC 3314 – Intermediate II, ACC 3363 – Governmental Accounting and ACC 3385 – Accounting Information Systems.

McCoy College to Require PHIL 1320 Instead of PHIL 1305

July 21, 2010

To complete the requirements for a baccalaureate degree at Texas State University-San Marcos, students are required to take either PHIL 1305 or PHIL 1320 in partial satisfaction of the Humanities Component of the General Education Core Curriculum requirements. To ensure that business majors have a solid foundation in ethics, the faculty of McCoy College have decided to require its majors to take PHIL 1320, Ethics and Society. This change is effective for the 2010 catalog.  Students should schedule an appointment with their academic advisor if they have questions about the requirement.