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Transfer Course Information

Important note: It is the student’s responsibility to be sure that official transcripts are sent in a timely manner to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions so that credit can be awarded. Official transcripts are mailed to the Undergraduate Admissions mailing address:

429 N. Guadalupe
San Marcos, TX 78666.


Click on the titles below to access these resources

Transfer Equivalency Guides

Listings of course equivalencies for many colleges and universities is accessible through the CatsWeb - Students Menu.

Transfer Planning Guides

Available for many colleges in Texas, these guides include two years of study at a community college and two years of study at Texas State towards many business degree programs.

Texas Core Curriculum Guide

Explains the category system setup by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to ease the transferability of general education core courses.

How to Request Evaluation and Substitution of a Course Evaluated as ELNA or ELADV

When a student completes the admission process to Texas State, initial course evaluation is performed by Undergraduate Admissions. For courses that are not ruled directly equivalent, students may meet with his/her academic advisor to find out it the courses can be evaluated and what the process is.

Additional demonstration of proficiency via a comprehensive examination is required for students requesting substitution of courses for CIS 1323 or QMST 2333.  Please contact the McCoy College Academic Advising Center for details.  


Please see the Undergraduate Catalog or contact Undergraduate Admissions or the McCoy College Advising Center if you have questions about the transfer limit of Junior College hours, residency rules, the 50% business course requirement, or any other specific questions.