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McCoy Experience

Leadership and Involvement at McCoy College

McCoy College offers numerous opportunities for student involvement, from leadership workshops to award-winning student organizations.

Over 300,000 students will graduate from business degree programs across America this year, how will you stand out?

The answer is The McCoy Experience.

What is The McCoy Experience?

The McCoy Experience is a student development program that coordinates activities designed to enhance student involvement, leadership, and professional development. 

McCoy Exp


The McCoy Experience consists of three main areas:

  • New student programs

New student programs assist students with their transition to a McCoy College student. The programs in this category consist of Business Basics, New Student Orientation, and the First Semester Workshop.  Each of these programs are designed to give students the knowledge they need to successfully navigate their degree program and educational opportunities.

  • Continuing student programs

Continuing student programs are designed to promote awareness of opportunities in McCoy College and assist students with professional development.  Programs in this category consist of the McCoy College Ambassadors, Business Leadership Week, and Business Learning Community.

  • Connections to events and organizations

The McCoy Experience promotes awareness of opportunities available to business students.  Through the Web and other means of advertising, opportunities such as study abroad, internships, student organizations, and college events are promoted.  Students can learn about college events by using the Academic and Professional Development Events Calendar at  Additionally, these events are listed on the McCoy Hall flat panels located throughout the building.