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Internships are an important part of developing skills valuable in the workplace.  Internships are recommended for students who wish to gain real-world experience where they can apply their classroom knowledge. 

Although McCoy College faculty internship coordinators are active in building relationships with area businesses for internships, it is the obligation of the student to locate an internship. Assistance is available from Career Services for students who wish to locate an internship. Since Texas State is located between two major metropolitan areas, many internship opportunities exist in a variety of fields. 

Eligibility for earning course credit for an internship varies by major. When considering an internship, it is important that students wishing to earn course credit contact the faculty internship coordinator in the major department early as some fields hire as much as two years in advance. Academic advisors can provide information on how students may earn course credit and how it may apply towards degree requirements. No form of credit can be earned by accounting majors at the undergraduate level. For procedures and more information refer to your major department office or an academic advisor. 

Career Services' Resources for Locating Internships

Career Services Resources (Job Fairs, Jobs 4 Cats, Etc.)