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For admission questions see the Admission FAQ

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What is a degree audit, where can I find it, and why should I use it?

The degree audit is an evaluation of what courses fill degree requirements that you have completed.  Think of it as an automated checklist of degree requirements.  If you notice an inaccuracy in your report, discuss it with your academic advisor. 

The degree audit can be accessed through the CatsWeb - Student Services Menu.  Complete instructions for accessing your report are found on the how to generate a degree audit report section of this website.

You should use the report to help track progress towards meeting your degree requirements.  Remember, as a degree seeking student at Texas State, you are responsible for ensuring that you meet graduation requirements for your degree program.  Your academic advisor is available to help you interpret the report and ensure its accuracy. 

Where do I go to change my major?

Students wishing to change their major may do so in the Advising Center of the College of the desired major. When changing majors, to ensure your understanding of degree requirements, you will be required to set up an advising appointment.

Changing to a business major requires that you are admitted into McCoy College. Applications to the McCoy College are available on this website. If you have more than 30 hours completed, students must have also completed and have a grade posted for English 1310, English 1320, and Math 1329.  Review the admission requirements and procedures

What if I want to minor in business?

Students wishing to declare a business minor must meet with the academic advisor for their major. The major academic advisor provides advising for business minor courses.

Click here for business minor requirements.

What are the procedures for pursuing a double major or dual degree?

Please see your advisor for more information.

What is the business GPA and where can it be found?

The business GPA is the major GPA for business majors that is composed of the courses from the business core, major, and restricted/advanced electives.  It can be found on the degree audit report directly above the business core and major requirements. 

How do I get a transfer course to substitute for another course?

For business courses, students may have the course evaluated by the department in which the course is taught. For example, a student who has credit for an accounting course for which Texas State does not have a direct equivalent will need to go to the Department of Accounting. Students will need a course description and/or syllabus so the department can evaluate the transfer course.  See transfer course information for more details. 

Other non-business core curriculum courses need to be evaluated by the University College (Undergraduate Academic Center, room 146). Students will need a course description and/or syllabus so the University College can evaluate the transfer course.

Students who require assistance with this process may consult their advisor.

Can I have a minor with my business degree?

A student may minor in a field outside of the McCoy College if it is an area where a minor is offered.  You can find information on minors available to Texas State students at:   In regards to minors within the McCoy College, students may only minor in International Business or Economics.

Can I make a D in a course?

Yes - a D is considered passing and you will earn credit for the course.  However, D's will sometimes not satisfy the prerequisite for a higher level course.  For example, a C or better is required in MATH 1315 or 1319 in order to be eligible for MATH 1329.  Refer to the course prerequisites for more information.  Also D's do not factor well into your GPA since they are worth very few grade points.  Too many D's can land you on academic probation, just like an F. 

What is the minimum GPA required to graduate?

Students must have a Texas State GPA of 2.0 or higher and also a minimum GPA of 2.25 for all business courses (business GPA).

How many writing intensive hours do I need to graduate?

Beginning with the 1999 Texas State catalog, a minimum of nine hours of writing intensive courses at Texas State are required.

Classes & Registration

When am I eligible to enroll in 3000-4000 level upper-division business courses?

To be eligible, students must have completed 60 hours, be in good academic standing (Overall GPA of 2.0 or higher), AND have been accepted into McCoy College or be a business minor (limited to listed minor courses). Students must also meet the required prerequisites for the course they wish to enroll in. Course prerequisites may be found in the catalog or online in the Student Services section of CatsWeb at:

What should I do when I encounter a class that is closed?

If there are no alternative courses available, students will need to speak to the department in which the course is taught to see what options are available.

What courses can I take to satisfy my advanced business electives?

Students may take any 3000-4000 level business (ACC, BLAW, CIS, ECO, FIN, MGT, MKT, QMST) course as long as they meet the course prerequisites. Students usually find an elective that coincides with a specific career field or interest. Excluding FIN 3325 and any ELADV course  (for those in the Fall 2014 catalog and beyond).

Can an advisor add me to a course?

No, only students are permitted to make changes to their schedule during their assigned access period.

Are there any classes that I can test out of?

There are several exams that Texas State issues credit for.  For more information visit the Testing Center

Credit earned through an exam may not be applied towards residency

What if the registration system tells me that I do not meet a prerequisite, but I have met all of the required prerequisites?

If you feel that you meet the prerequisite to a course, but are receiving an error message then contact the Advising Center front desk at (512) 245-1993.  If you have an approved substitution on file for a course that is a prerequisite to the one you are trying to register for, you must contact the Advising Center to request a special approval.


For graduation questions see the Graduation Information page. 

Second Degree Information

What is the first step to pursuing a second degree?

The first step is to complete the application for admission. Procedures are located on our website at

What are the admission requirements for a McCoy College second degree?

Applicants must have completed a four-year bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and have graduated with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher in order to be eligible for a second bachelor's degree. If the overall GPA is not posted on the applicant's official transcript, the institutional GPA will be used to determine admission. If the applicant's institution GPA is less than 2.5 and the overall GPA is not listed, the applicant will need to work with the institution that awarded their first baccalaureate degree to get a new transcript with their overall GPA included.  *Note: Once admitted, all second degree seeking students must complete MATH 1329 or equivalent if not completed in their first bachelor's degree.

*McCoy College requires that you send all transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions in addition to the transcript showing your degree awarded.

How many hours are required to complete a second bachelors degree?

A minimum of 30 hours is required to complete your degree. You must fulfill all requirements of the BBA degree’s business core, major, and background courses. Your actual course requirements will depend on courses completed previously. The degree requirements can range from 30 hours or more depending on your background and selected major. You must also meet all residency and advanced hour requirements in your second degree. 

Can I find out exactly how many classes I would need to take prior to admission?

Degree requirements are outlined after you have completed the admission process in order to ensure the accurate evaluation of your prior college work. You may use the transfer equivalency guides and degree plan checksheets to do a self-evaluation if you would like, but all official information will be provided after completing the admission process and attending New Student Orientation. 

How long will the admission process take?

You should expect an admission decision within 3 – 5 weeks following the receipt of all of your required admission documents. 

What is the deadline for second degree seeking students?

Deadlines for second degree seekers are the same as Texas State general deadlines. You can find more details at

When may I meet with an academic advisor?

To ensure that all of your records are accurate and evaluation of your work is complete, you may meet with an advisor only after receiving admission confirmation and completing New Student Orientation.

Do I have to attend New Student Orientation?

Yes, you do have to attend New Student Orientation. Once you have completed orientation we will contact you to schedule an advising appointment.


Is it possible to complete a degree online?

No, the McCoy College does not offer any online degree programs.  A few online courses are offered in the general education core curriculum and through correspondence study.  At this time, Business Law is the only McCoy College course offered through correspondence.

The BBA with a major in management program is also offered at the Round Rock Higher Education Center. Courses at this center are designed for students working full-time, and take place in the evenings.

Where do I go for advising if I am a current Texas State student seeking admission to McCoy College?

Current Texas State students interested in becoming a business major may obtain advising from the University College Advising Center.  The advisors here assist students with identifying strategies for success and course selection from the core curriculum, lower-division business core, and any applicable courses from the business administration minor

Where do I get information about graduate programs in business?

Information about the Master of Business Administration (MBA), the Master of Accountancy (MAcy), and the Master of Accountancy and Information Technology (MSAIT) is available in the Graduate School of Business, 530 McCoy Hall, (512) 245-3591.

Students seeking to complete a graduate program outside of Texas State should consult with representatives from that school. 

What can I do career-wise with my degree/major?

Students may make an appointment with a Career Advisor at Career Services by calling (512) 245-2645. The Career Services website has helpful information for students at Students also are encouraged to speak with their professors as they have first-hand knowledge about careers available in a particular field.