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McCoy College Online Advising Guidelines

Please thoroughly read the guidelines below to prepare for your upcoming online advising appointment:

  1. These appointments should be treated the same as our usual in-person appointments, so be appropriately dressed and use respectful language. Please remain engaged and present throughout your appointment.
  2. Be sure you will be in a location free of distraction and relatively low noise to avoid disruption of your appointment. Utilize headphones if necessary, to help minimize noise. For your safety and due to the nature of requiring email correspondence within the appointment, you are not permitted to operate a motor vehicle during your advising appointment.
  3. Make sure your internet connection, video, and audio equipment are functioning properly prior to your advising appointment to avoid delays/cancellations.
  4. Have your Texas State email account readily available during your appointment:
    • At the conclusion of your appointment, you will be required to send email confirmation that you have read, understand, and agree to the advising plan provided by your advisor.
  5. Advisors, students, and any guests are prohibited from recording Zoom meeting advising sessions.
  6. Due to federal regulations (FERPA), family/guests are not permitted in advising sessions without proper documentation. Therefore, additional guests cannot be present in your room during your online appointment unless you have already granted them access (this will be verified at the start of advising appointment should you have a guest; if access has not been granted your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled)
  7.  By entering your Zoom advising appointment, you are acknowledging and confirming you have fully read and agree to all guidelines on this page.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the above policies, please contact our office at 512.245.1993 or