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Why We're Here

Group Advisors


The McCoy College of Business Academic Advising Center will be a national model for excellence and innovation in academic advising.


The McCoy College of Business Academic Advising Center is an accessible, student-centered support service that encourages students to develop educational goals and identify strategies for success, provides official and accurate academic information, and guides students to the successful completion of an undergraduate degree.  The Advising Center also provides opportunities for student engagement through the College‚Äôs comprehensive student development program, the McCoy Experience.


Provide timely and accurate information that enables students to meet graduation requirements.

Provide students with knowledgeable academic advisors through continuous professional development and training.

Assist students with identifying University and College resources that can help them meet their academic and career goals.

Promote continuous improvement of the McCoy Experience.

Teach students to develop and implement educational plans that are compatible with their interests and abilities.

Promote continuous improvement of the advising center processes through ongoing assessment, development and training.