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Amanda Ritter

Amanda Ritter Photo Collage

Where is your Hometown?
Anahuac, TX

What was your major(s)/degree(s) and where did you go to school?
Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Consulting & Change Management from The University of Texas at Austin

Why did you pursue a career in higher education?
It was not always clear to me that I’d pursue a career in higher education. After earning my BBA, I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do career-wise. I worked for a large tech company right out of college, and I learned what I enjoyed most in the role was consulting and advising customers. At that point, I researched many different careers utilizing those skills and found my way back to higher ed every single time. College is a time of growth and development for students, and being a part of that process is very rewarding. Ultimately, I love helping students choose the path that will lead to their very best selves.

What is your favorite part of working for Texas State University?
The campus is beautiful, of course. Besides that, though, I love my McCoy Advising team! I also love the professional development opportunities the university has to offer. An investment in staff and faculty is an investment in students, and the university truly understands this.

What “words of wisdom” would you like to share with students?
If something didn’t work out, for whatever reason, and you know you tried your absolute best… It’s okay! Move on to the next thing and don’t dwell too long on the past. There’s something else out there to be passionate about and fill your time, I promise. Always pause to learn from the experience, and then turn to the future! Also, try to travel as much as possible and study abroad if you can.

Tell us a random fact about yourself:
I love the Harry Potter series a little too much…some would even say it is an obsession (a healthy one, of course). I have an HP-themed tattoo, my dog is named Hagrid, and I reread the books every summer… It’s fun times.