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Transient and Special Student Pre-Enrollment Form

Do not submit this form without first being accepted to Texas State as a Transient or Special Student.

Enrollment in business courses is contingent upon admission to Texas State as a Transient or Special student, course seat availability, satisfactory completion of all course prerequisites, verification of degree-seeking status at the home institution, and approval of a Texas State academic advisor

Please complete the form below and provide all required documents to McCoy College. 

Once granted approval for the requested courses, the student will be contacted by a McCoy College academic advisor who will coordinate the student's enrollment.

Part One: Contact & Enrollment Information

Student Type *

Approval for enrollment in courses will only be granted if:

  • the student has met all prerequisites for the requested courses, and
  • the requested courses can be verified as degree requirements at the student's home institution.

Final enrollment in approved courses is contingent upon seat availability.


Part Two: McCoy College Verification Documents

You must provide to McCoy College unofficial transcripts for all colleges and universities attended and verification of transferability of your requested courses.

Download the Home Institution Verification Form (downloadable PDF) or attach a letter from your academic advisor stating that the courses you desire to enroll in will transfer to your home institution. We recommend that you use the form, but a letter is acceptable as long as it specifies the course numbers and transferability for your degree. 

You may upload the documents below in an electronic format (PDF is preferred). Please use a combined file for your transcripts.