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Getting ready to Graduate? Congratulations!

Review the instructions below to make sure you're on track to complete your degree requirements and all necessary steps to be awarded your diploma and join our elite group of TXST & McCoy College of Business Alumni. 

McCoy College Spring 2019 Commencement Photo

Steps to Prepare for Graduation

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  • WHEN: At least one semester before you plan to graduate

    HOW: Contact the McCoy College Advising Center at 512.245.1993 or stop by McCoy Hall 115 and request a graduation check advising appointment

    WHY: To ensure you will fulfill all prerequisite sequences for your final semester of courses, avoid missing degree requirements, and to get helpful info about graduation preparation from your academic advisor

  • WHEN: At the start of your FINAL semester of classes, as soon as possible.

    • Don't postpone applying! Waiting to apply could put you at risk of being unable to make last minute schedule changes (if needed)
    • Changing your name (such as adding full middle name)/updating your diploma address can all still be done AFTER applying for graduation. For information on how to update personal information for graduating candidates, visit the Registrar's Website
    • Note: All summer semester grads must apply at the start of summer I, even if you are only taking summer II classes

    HOW: Online through CATSWEB. Applying takes 3-5 minutes.

    • Go to CATSWEB -> Students -> Academic Records -> Apply for graduation

    WHY: Applying for graduation is a REQUIRED step for students to officially be awarded a degree from Texas State University.

  • WHEN: After received email notification of your approved graduation application status

    HOW: Review Candidate Instructions on the Commencement Webpage for ceremony schedules, obtaining your cap/gown, attire guidelines, guest/parking information, etc.

    IMPORTANT: Even if you cannot/do not plan to attend the ceremony, please know we're so proud of you and excited for you to reach this academic milestone!

  • Apply for Tuition Rebate (if eligible):

    • WHEN: After applying for graduation and no later than 5pm the Monday immediately following the commencement ceremony
    • HOW: Submit your Tuition Rebate Application Online
    • NOTE: If you're not sure about your eligibility, contact our advising center at 512.245.1993 or

    Visit Career Services:

    • WHEN: Any time! Before, during, and after your final semester.
    • HOW: Set up an appointment with your Career Educator/Liaison to McCoy College of Business by calling 512.245.2645 or online through Jobs4Cats (powered by Handshake).

    Mark Your Calendar to Set Up TXST Email Forward:

    • WHEN: After officially graduating (when final grades/degrees have posted to TXST transcripts)
    • HOW: Online, follow these instructions from ITAC - TXST Email Forward
    • WHY: After graduating, students who do not return to TXST as employees/students will lose access to their TXST Email account. If you use your TXST Email for different services/subscriptions/etc., you will want to set up email forwarding to avoid interruption of services/payments/notifications

    Join a Bobcat Alumni Network:

  • Effective fall 2021, to be eligible for graduation with academic honors, a student seeking a baccalaureate degree must have completed at least 48 semester credit hours at TXST preceding graduation.

    • Academic Honors Designations:
      • TXST GPA of 3.40 - 3.59 - cum laude
      • TXST GPA of 3.60 - 3.79 - magna cum laude
      • TXST GPA of 3.80 - 4.00 - summa cum laude
        • Hours earned through TXST Correspondence and Extension courses count toward TXST GPA and academic hours eligibility. Hours earned through TXST credit-by-examination and other TXST courses that offer only "CR" (pass/fail) grades also count toward academic honors hours eligibility, but they do not contribute toward GPA calculations.
    • Honors Cords: Regalia Cords for Academic Honors recognition are presented to students upon check-in at the Commencement Ceremony
    • NOTE: Academic Honors status for Commencement Ceremonies is determined by students' TXST GPA at the time of applying for graduation at the start of their final semester. Final academic honors status may differ from honors status at the time of the commencement ceremony based on final semester grades earned.