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Long Range Planning

Long-range planning is recommend for students with 30 or more hours who have been admitted to McCoy College.

You can use the tools at left to help you create a long-range plan and map your path towards graduation.

  1. Review your degree audit report. Highlight the requirements you have remaining. Double check the requirements on the major checksheet and be sure to include any free electives.
  2. Using the long-range planning form, write out the semesters you have remaining until graduation.
  3. Fill in the semesters with the remaining classes you need to complete. Try to achieve a balance between reading/writing and math-oriented courses in each semester. Courses must be done in prerequisite order. The recommended course sequence on the major checksheet is designed to assist students in sequencing their courses.
  4. Check the Undergraduate Catalog and CatsWeb to see that you meet all prerequisites and classification requirements for your intended schedule.
  5. Make sure you meet all graduation requirements by referencing the graduation checklist.
  6. After completing your plan, have it reviewed by an academic advisor during a scheduled appointment.

Some guidelines/helpful tips:

  • Make sure you select the correct major and catalog year when reviewing the Undergraduate Catalog for degree requirements. You can find your assigned catalog year on your degree audit.
  • If you have transferred a significant amount of junior college hours, only 72 hours from junior colleges may be applied towards BBA degree requirements (Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with Major in Economics may only apply up to 66 hours from junior/community college toward degree requirements)
  • Many courses are taught in summer, however, summer graduation is contingent on careful advance planning. Consult with your academic advisor if you plan to take summer courses
  • Carefully read any footnotes when choosing advanced electives as some are restricted to a choice of listed courses.