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Tuition Rebate Submission

This online submission form is ONLY for McCoy College students. If you are not pursuing a business degree, please contact your college department to determine the process for submitting a tuition rebate application.
Tuition rebate application deadline for students graduating in Fall 2021:
Monday, December 13, 2021 at 5pm


What is the Tuition Rebate Program?

Under Texas Education Code ยง54.0065, qualified students will receive up to a $1,000 tuition rebate upon graduation from Texas State. If you do not graduate because you did not meet the graduation requirements, you will need to complete another form for the next semester in which you are eligible. For a full explanation of the policy criteria, see the Tuition Rebate Information page

PART 1: Student Information

Please complete this section and part 2 below to submit your tuition rebate application. This web form will serve as a dated receipt of your application having been submitted.

Which semester are you applying for the rebate (When is your graduation semester?) *

PART 2: Download and fill out only Section A of the Official Tuition Rebate application and attach below

Important Information:

  • Please check your Texas State email account regularly since any questions or concerns about your application will be sent there
  • Applications submitted are reviewed after the Tuition Rebate Deadline
  • Late application submissions will NOT be accepted