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About Us

The Ambassadors make up an esteemed organization of student leaders who promote the development of leadership skills and are responsible for facilitating and organizing events for the benefit of all Texas State students.  Like any other organization, we have certain expectations of our distinguished members, who signify the University's future leaders for the real world.  It is the duty of the McCoy College Ambassadors to provide service, promote Texas State pride, and honor the McCoy College of Business as they represent the students of this University.

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

  • Networking opportunities with prominent business leaders of San Marcos and influential alumni
  • Great resume builder
  • Opportunities to develop student, faculty and staff relationships
  • Development of sales, leadership and organizational skills
  • Exclusive membership

What events do the Ambassadors typically participate in?

  • Business Leadership Week
  • Events coordinated by the Dean's Office
  • Events coordinated by the McCoy College Advising Center
  • Events coordinated by Career Services' Office
  • Bobcat Build