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McCoy Experience Workshop

The McCoy Experience Workshop

We are excited to announce that our newly transformed workshop is now available!

outdoor image of McCoy Hall

What is the McCoy Experience Workshop? McCoy College invites all admitted students to complete the McCoy Experience Workshop. This online workshop is designed to inform McCoy College students of their responsibilities, important degree information, and the many opportunities to get involved throughout their time here at McCoy College. Upon completing the workshop, students gain valuable knowledge of available resources while compiling and organizing their own co-curricular, classroom, and professional development experiences to translate them into resume-ready information.

Am I required to do the workshop? Although completion of the workshop is not required, students are highly encouraged to utilize these tools to help familiarize themselves with McCoy College and maximize their experience here at Texas State.

To complete the workshop, follow the steps below:

Step 1: McCoy Experience Resource Guides

Begin the workshop by reviewing our two brief informational guides

Step 2: McCoy Experience Workshop Activities

Download and complete these activities to plan for making the most out of your McCoy Experience!