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Closed Class Requests

The Academic Advising Center cannot add students to closed courses or closed sections of courses.

Each department handles their own closed class procedures. Click on the buttons to the right to access each department's process.

Tips & Tricks

  • If there is at least one section open in a course, you will need to register for the open section. Most departments will not make closed class exceptions if there are open seats in another section of the class. Most departments do not make exceptions for work schedule or other personal time conflicts.
  • Refer to your advising plan you made with your academic advisor to view alternative course selections for the upcoming semester.
  • Keep checking back regularly to see if any additional seats have been added to a closed class or to see if someone has dropped the class and has left an opening for you. If you check daily, there is a better chance of you finding an open seat.

Please note:

  • The Finance & Economics Department does not grant closed class override requests for any students for any Finance, Economics, or Business Law courses.
  • After classes begin, the Marketing Department requires instructor approval before beginning the closed class request process.