Special Course Requests and Forms

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Closed Class Requests

Use these forms to request a seat into closed business courses. Submitted requests are handled by the academic department who oversees the course. Approval is NOT guaranteed.

Course Substitution Requests

Use this form to request assistance with having transfer course credit reviewed by a McCoy College department for approval to substitute for a business course requirement in your degree.

Financial Aid Review Request

Submit this form to have your course enrollment reviewed if you were notified one or more of your courses are not being counted toward financial aid eligibility. Courses must be degree applicable to qualify for aid.

Visiting (Transient) Enrollment

Visiting (Transient) students must complete this form to request approval to enroll in McCoy College undergraduate business courses. Final enrollment is contingent on admission to TXST, prerequisite fulfillment, seat availability, and advisor approval.

Tuition Rebate Form

Submit a tuition rebate application in your final semester AFTER applying for graduation. Deadline to submit form is 5pm the Monday following your graduating semester's commencement ceremony. Final rebate eligibility is determined by Student Business Services.