Tuition Rebate Form

What is the Tuition Rebate Program?

Under Texas Education Code ยง54.0065, qualified students pursuing their first baccalaureate degree can receive up to a $1,000 tuition rebate upon graduation from Texas State University. For a full explanation of eligibility criteria, please see the Tuition Rebate Information page.

This online submission form is ONLY for McCoy College students.

If you are not pursuing a business degree, please contact your college advising center for information on how to submit a tuition rebate application.

  • Summer 2022 Application Deadline: Monday, August 8th by 5 p.m.

PART 1: Student Information

Please complete this section and part 2 below to submit your tuition rebate application. This web form will serve as a dated receipt of your application being submitted.

When is your graduating semester? *
If you are not graduating in the semester below, please wait to apply until your final semester

PART 2: Download and fill out ONLY Section A of the Tuition Rebate Application and attach below

NOTE: Be sure the permanent address you include will be valid 2-3 months following your graduation

Important Information:

  • Final rebate eligibility and disbursement is determined by Student Business Services
  • Please check your Texas State email account regularly for correspondence regarding your application
  • Applications submitted are officially processed after the Tuition Rebate deadline
  • Late application submissions are NOT accepted